And I Thought It Would Last Forever

Just when the fishing experiences I have been having could not have gotten better…yesterday happened. What a hard day of fishing. I took a friend who is not a fly fisherman to the lower river this morning to sling gear for whatever would bite. Lakers, Browns, Rainbows, Cohos, any of it would have been fine, the guy just wanted to catch one fish for dinner and the lower river has more than enough to spare. When we first got there we both got bit fairly quickly but they were quick tug releases. We fished there for another four hours with not even a nibble before we took off to grab a cup of coffee and head out to a place I knew held some fish from a few days before. When we got there we met a nice young man at the pull off who wasnt sure what he was going to do so he let us at the first pool where I spotted for friend fishing a little marabou jig. Not having glasses he didn’t see the first fish take and with too much slack line out there was little chance of him hooking that fish. While I watched him fish that pool I met a nice guy heading downstream  who was planning on heading right where we were going. I offered to share the water and give him first crack at each pool so we took off down the river looking for fish. We didn’t find many but we did come across one pool with a few nice fish in it that just would not cooperate. Again with no glasses drifting a small egg fly my buddy didn’t see the spunky little brown dart out and gobble up his fly. He didn’t see it so he wasnt sure what all the hollering was for and we missed fish number 3. In the end none of those fish would cooperate besides for our new friend getting a clean miss on the same brown on a small bugger. All in all though the action on the second piece of water provided a little bit of fun and we met some nice people out on the water today so it wasnt as bad as it could have been. In the end this was the only thing I put my hands around.

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