New Tying Product - Dubbing Twister

The Jade River Turbo Dubbing Block has seriously changed the way I make dubbing brushes. I have always done this with dubbing loops or flat waxed nylon both of which are a pain in the ass. This Dubbing tool makes it so much easier to do and you can make them with basically any material you want. Long fibers are no longer an issue with this cool new tool. The best thing is it makes everything so much easier and you can use whatever thread you like including…wire, which is by far the best thing to use on large flies for musky, steelhead, etc.
It basically works with a set screw and a spinning knob and after a few practice runs anyone can make great dubbing brushes with minimal effort or complication. Its currently available through several sources. The main source I am aware of is Hareline Dubbin, A large material wholesaler that most local fly shops have access to.

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