Well It Seems There Is Good Fishing Here.

To stay along the lines of my last couple posts I have crossed many rivers since I last wrote and I have recently switched the truck I drive in so that now the Interpreter rides with me. He is a great guy and he is from the area so he has a lot of valuable knowledge for us. You know where this is going...

I asked him about the fishing around here on our last run as we were passing over a gorgeous stream and he insured me that there is a lot of fishing here. I asked him how they fish here and he muttered something that sounded like "Gill Nets." When I replied with a question "Gill Nets?" He shook his head no. "Greeenades" he said. I wasn't sure if I should believe him or not, that's something you only hear of in movies but than he went on to tell several stories involving the technique.

Just when I was starting to see the sense in it he told me about the most popular technique here in the area. He explained to me that electroshock is by far the most popular method. They take two metal rods and hook them up to generators and shove them down into the water from dugouts or from shore. This made more sense to me until he started telling me about how many people die every year doing this while trying to get a few fish for the pan.

He couldn't tell me what kind of fish they were but he showed me the sizes in the typical spread your arms fashioned so I had to do some more research of my own. It turns out there are some very cool fish in the area I'm in including Mahseer

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