Big News!

So there is some huge news in the fly fishing world today. If you haven't seen it on Facebook already the Sacred Headwaters Oil Drilling Project in B.C. has been won by the sportsmen and conservationists through an abandonment of drilling plans by Shell. British Columbia also stated they would not allow any gas drilling in the region in the future thus protecting it forever. This is a big deal. 
However, the B.C. government in its infinite wisdom has decided to give Shell 20 Million dollars "in recognition of the upfront capital costs and rental payments made by the company on its lost tenures." This money is to be used for a water recycling facility which will be used at future drilling sites in the region. This basically means we protected one area but they are shipping out to the next, with 20 million dollars that belong to the people. Like I posted on Thad Robinson's Facebook page, that's like losing a lawsuit for hitting someone with you car, than having the judge award you with a new car for your troubles.
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