Christmas Gear

With the holiday right around the corner I know its time to do some last minute shopping. I thought I might put my ten cents in about what I think are the top five christmas buys for this year all under $100.00. I wanted to do this for products under $50.00 but my imagination left me still wanting.

1. Abel Nippers - $50.00
Nippers are the one thing that an angler uses all the time. I can't remember ever meeting someone who didn't have one hanging from somewhere and they usually need to be replaced frequently. With the Abel nippers this isn't the case, they will cut through anything and its a breeze to send them back to the company at the end of the season to replace the blades for next to nothing. You can't go wrong with these, every angler wants them but isn't quite ready to shell out fifty bones so make that decision for them.

2. Kast Steelhead Gloves - $79.99
A lot of guys love full fingered gloves, I am not one of them but with the masses in mind I have to promote the gloves from Kast. I tried on a pair after seeing them pop up on another blog somewhere, and I'm sorry to say I do not remember which one. I was impressed with the fact they are what they advertise, a windproof, waterproof yet comfortable glove. All three of these qualities are hard to find in one offering. A little steep for some mitt covers if you ask me but when your on the water you'll pay anything for a good pair.

3. EGO 2 Slider Net - $79.99
The EGO series of nets are adjustable sturdy nets with multiple head attachments from different sized nets to gaffs. They have a good front grip and a good scoop design. The net heads stay on well and they are built much better than I expected. They are available in a wide enough range of nets and sizes to cover most all fishing, they even have a clear rubber option. They can handle a decent amount of weight even when they are extended. I only recently bought my own after using a friends several times last season.

4. Nature Boy Designs "Wader Lanyards" - Prices and color vary $40.00 Max
I have become a big fan of the wader lanyard as it keeps all the tools you may have to reach around for right in an easy to grab spot, the ones offered by these boys are even nice to look at and if you've ever worked with survival cord its strong as hell and won't droop when wet.

5. Frog Hair "George Harvey Slack Leaders" - $4.99
This is a product I have been trying to turn people onto for years now, for the first little while I held them as my little secret but its too good not to let out. These leaders will often change the tone of the day when risers are not cooperating with you. Do a little research or just take my word for it, these things work and at $5.00 a pop you can fill a stocking with them.

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