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Its that time of year. Christmas season is here and everyone is exited. If you're like me this is the time of year I buy myself presents, all kinds of fly fishing goodies that I will cherish forever and ever until next year. I always think its important this time of year to point out how important it is to support your local fly shops. Remember, these guys put food in their kids bellies and gas in their cars only with your loyalty and support. I know if it wasn't for the patience and vast knowledge of the boys at my first few fly shops I would not be where I am today in my angling universe.
Fly Shot Rats and owners are the best kinds of people, they are friendly, knowledgeable and unselfish. I have made such great friends over the years by hanging out with these boys and I always feel the need to pay it back. Stop in your local shop to dole out a few bucks for gifts to give to the anglers in your life and help keep the doors open.

Heres a personal shout out to two of my favorite shops

The Hungry Trout is a great shop right down the road from Whiteface Ski Resort in Wilmington New York. Situated on the banks of the West Branch Of The Ausable they are literally a stones throw from the river. There is also a very nice motel on the premises and the famous Rat Faced McDougalls, an awesome pub where I have spent so much of my tip money I'm not sure why I didn't just give up guiding and start working in the kitchen. They also have fine dining upstairs overlooking a scenic section of the river. The fly shop owner Evan is a great guy a I have no doubt he will take great care of you on your visit. 

The Anglers Den in Pawling New York is a great shop just a short drive from the big apple and not too far in any direction from some great fisheries like the Housatonic, Farmington, Ten Mile River, and the productive Croton Tailwater System. I am greatly appreciative of these guys. The owner Joe gave me my start in the fly shop business taking me on as one of his shop rats. These guys have a great selection and the new Manager Tom is doing great things. Check out these guy's website and Facebook page, they do a lot of trips, have a sweet new shop and a wicked awesome selection of fly tying material through their tying company English Angling Trappings.

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