Finding Nemo

So the fishing today wasn't as good as I hoped for but than again I guess it never is. I had been hearing about this storm "Nemo" that was supposed to be blowing in here today and with it I got a rare day off from work. Being me I figured that would create a perfect opportunity to fish through the storm and avoid the crowd that would inevitably gather on the weekend. I called a Project Healing Waters buddy that I knew would be interested in fishing and we headed out late towards the river. The snow that we were supposed to get never actually materialised until near the end of the fishing day but it did come down in force. The the bite was tough and the fish were finicky. The two or three takes I did get were very light and in the end I brought only this one to hand, but hey, after a year in Afghanistan I will take it. swinging flies was very slow and anyone who says otherwise was lying because we drove all over and the only guys fishing were within eyesight, they didn't do shit. For nymphing a BH peachy king egg fly was the only thing that worked and I tried a ton of flies. All the strikes were on that fly. Hopefully more reports to come with my surgery right around the corner!

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  1. One fish in the middle of a blizzard... I'd take it. Any day swinging flies and not in the sand box is a good day. Good job.

  2. Nice...always more rewarding to catch fish under difficult conditions.