Man Cave Bliss

So I finally got around to decorating my cave a bit before I left for Afghanistan and I am finally getting to enjoy it a bit. And even better Cam sent me some swag from the manifesto that I am exited to show off. And even better than that, I got to enjoy a few fresh brews from the best brewery on earth, Lake Placid Brewery.

I caught that walleye on a worm harness "fly"

One of the first shadow boxes I ever did
I bugged Rob forever to put these flies together for me, I love that guy

It used to be much bigger but I was really into bass flies for a while

I found this poor little guy eaten by a Coyote or some other toothy critter underneath my cabin.

The very first shadow box I ever built

Some sweet glass swag, I even got to enjoy a fresh Ubu while I unboxed it

Sweet design, I plan to go back to my roots a title more this summer

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  1. That is SWEET. One great looking setup You got there. The shadow boxes are awesome.


  2. All you need now is the billy big mouth bass!

  3. Now that is a proper man cave! Nicely done.

  4. would love to do that...but I have a feeling I would be out the door so fast...but I have a long term picture at a time...for years hehe.


  5. Great job on the cave, I need someone to do my barn cave:)

  6. Wonderful, lots of inspiration for me.