Sucker Spawn Tutorial with Video

This is an awesome pattern for Salmon or Steelhead anywhere and it works great for trout too. There are so many different variations you can tie and different materials to use but this is the basic recipe.

Hook:  Owner 5311-031 SSW #8 (My favorite Hook for yarn flies period)
Thread: UTC 70 Waxed Thread - Red
Tail: Angora Rabbit Yarn (Cheese Shown)

Step 1

Start your thread on the hook and build up a light but solid thread base.

Step 2

Take a strip of Angora yarn about six to seven inches long and double it over. Tie it in towards the back creating a small ball.

Step 3

Form a small loop in front of the ball you just created and tie it in firmly with a few wraps. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to complete the fly and whip finish. Thats it! Some people use a bodkin to form the loops but I find it is unnecessary.

Finished Fly

Video Tutorial

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