"The Lenny" Mouse Fly, Yes I said Lenny, not Lemmy

This is a fly I have been tying for years now, I originally introduced it for Haus of Mouse, a Chicago Trout Bum venture under the moniker "Scuba Mouse". I designed this fly to fish for big browns at night just like a lot of flies out there now, since then Ive developed a taste for toothy fish and after a few adjustments its finally where I want it to be. You can fish it completely dry and fast or fish it like a traditional diver. Ive fished it very successfully for any kind of fish angry enough to eat it. Tie it in whatever color you like, the following colors are my go to arrangement.

NOTE: this pattern is a Get Em Wet original, please give credit where credit is due.

Start with any long shank 1X strong hook and tie in a length of 20lb braid equal to about 1 and a half hook lengths. This is where we will attach the trailer hook.
On top of the braid tie in a piece of Mason's Hard Mono. This piece will seperate the tail of the fly from the trailer hook and help it to keep from fouling.
Take a piece of brown or black barred honker strip and tie it in by the tip right on top of the mono. Magnum strips work great on this fly here if you want a fly with more bulk, if you want to be able to fish it on the surface longer than use a standard width
Right in front of the tie in point for the honker strip tie in one strand of rubber leg double over to create two, each of equal length. This particular material is Wapsi Sili Legs
Right on top of the previous tie in point secure a piece of crosscut honker by the tip and wrap forward three to maybe four wraps maximum and secure with several tight thread wraps.
Take another strand of leg and tie in right in front of the crosscut just as before
Tie in two bundles of deer hair. Spin them on tightly packed one in front of the other and throw a few security wraps around the shank with a whip finish 
At this point take two teardrop shaped pieces of foam for the ears and tie them in next to each other angling out. You can skip this step if you would like
Just as we have done twice before, tie in another strand of leg just in front of the ears
Finish the fly by spinning tightly as many bundles of deer hair as you can fit on the hook
Trim to shape in front of the ears and leave the majority behind the ears for a collar. Dab of glue on the thread finish and you're done.

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