Easter Fish and Striper Scouting

       The one thing that I love to do during my two son's naptime is take a quick run and get an hour and a half of fishing in. (Click on the Title to see pics!) Today was no different, especially with the rainy weather forcasted for tomorow's opening day.  I grabbed 2 rods, one for czech nymphing, and one for chucking some streamers.  My patience and time today was at a minimal, so I decided to ditch the nymphing after about 15 minutes, and chucking was at the plate.  I was rewarded with this nice brownie from EB of the Croton in Brewster on a white wooley bugger.  He took a swipe at it, and on the next cast, I put it in the same spot and he couldn't resist.  No more hits, made it home just as the kids were waking up and it was off to Easter Dinner I went with some fish slime still on my hands!

      I took at scouting trip to one of my favorite surf fishing spots to take a peek at what Hurricane Sandy did to the mouth of the Housy in Milford, CT.  It changed a little, a few more drops, and flats, but it is still a great spot.  I got their at dead low tide just as the sun was rising, and timed the water levels at different locations as the tide rose.  I absolutely love a sunrise while being on the salt!  I got my bearings because its awfully tough sometimes at night to navigate, and you dont want to get stranded and not make it back to shore. I did throw a clouser and even casted a bucktail with no luck, but when the herring start, the place is going to be on fire!  Enjoy the pictures, good luck to anyone going out for NY's opener, and Happy Easter!

The first picture is a bow I got earlier in the week at the Farmington River, CT.

Mouth of Housy, Milfored, CT.  Cant wait till my striped friends are chasing bait all over this flat!

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