Fishing and tying on the back burner

As some of you may know I had reconstructive surgery on my right knee on Friday. So its looking lie fishing is not in my near future and I won't be tying for a short while either. With that said I unfortunately will not have any material for you guys in that department for a little while, maybe some fly tying stuff later in the week. The surgery went very well and I decided to go with a spinal anaesthetic rather than being put to sleep and I'm very happy with that choice. The only downfall to the whole thing is that my doctor found a lot more damage than we anticipated so it looks like Ill be needing an additional surgery. You win some you lose some.
That's not to say however that there won't be any activity on the blog. I plan to continue posting some good stuff for you guys that will be fun and helpful for the upcoming trout season. Feel free to send me some pictures or videos of your fishing trips and tying ventures so I can live vicariously through all of you! Tight Lines.

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  1. wow, bummer about needing additional surgery. I got my wrist lanyard in the mail thursday thanks a bunch!

  2. No problem Nate! I hope you like it