Winter is gone! At least thats how it feels with slimy hands.

With an upcoming knee surgery this Friday I wanted to make sure I got out this weekend to fish as much as I could before I get laid up. It sucks that I will be missing the first part of the season but I will get to catch up on my tying and have an excuse to be on more boats. I did spend the first half of a day on the Salmon River and it sucked for me, and based on the guys I talked to it sucked for them too. After that I hit a few stream in the Syracuse area and the fishing was hard but with a little work I brought a few fish to hand and lost a few more. Early stoneflies were coming off strong as hell too so thats a good sign for the impending season. I took some poor video without the help of a cameraman the first day and only an iPhone the second day but the footage is enough to get you excited about trout fishing again after a long winter.

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