Spring Striper Time!

Took my first real fishing trip for stripers last night, and I wasn't disappointed.  The fish were in their usual haunts feeding on the herring that invade the Housatonic River, CT each spring.  I first fished the Derby Dam, and had a couple of swipes on my custom blue and white 10 inch sluggo.  Things were slow up there, and I wanted to eventually work to the mouth, so I moved down river and found a nice area full of herring and hungry fish.  I could have stayed there all night, but I did want to do some scouting for the spring trips.  The two guys fishing downriver of me must have thought I was nuts for leaving, I'm sure they jumped right in, even though the whole place was full of fish.  Yozuri's, clousers, and herring flies were the ticket.  I used the spinning rod to search out an area, then used the fly rod if I could reach the drop offs and feeding fish. Wish I had the kayak out, just to see the fish finder light up! I eventually worked to the mouth, only schoolies down there, and a ton of guys, so I didn't stay long because I had to be back to my son's baseball game.  Then it was off to The Angler's Den for a jamboree! A long day indeed.  Time for a scotch, and its off to "The Sink tomorrow to look for some hungry hendrickson crazy trout.  A great night out with my first keeper bass of the year.  Sorry the picture is blurry, I was having problems with my timer on my camera all night.

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