Trip to "The Sink"

     I took a day trip with my Uncle Robert and met up with Anthony on The Neversink River.  When I arrived caddis were hatching and flying around.  The fish were cooperative as they took our X-Caddis flies willingly.  At times the bugs were so think, they were hitting us in the face, climbing in my sleeves, sitting on my hat, and it was like it was snowing caddis.  The caddis definitely invaded the entire Catskill System over the weekend.  It was nice to get my uncle into and land a nice 16"  brown with in 5 minutes of getting into the water, kind of takes the pressure off a little!  The caddis were out in force almost all day long, right up till dark.  There were tan, apple, black, and brown.  We were hoping for a Hendrickson hatch, but they have been going strong, and it really never happened. It started, and duns were on the water, but the fish never did turn on.  I did manage one on a sz. 14 Hendrickson Dry.  We did nymph up a couple, mostly on tan wiggle stones, but the sporadict rises made it very hard to focus on nymphing.  We hit a lull around 6:30 pm, and Anthony was just about to get ready to call it quits, because we didn't see much action.  As soon as he started to move out of his spot, a big fish started rising.  I knew we would be there until dark! Good thing we stayed because there was a nice spinner fall, and we were locked and loaded again, mostly smaller fish.  I lost a nice fish that was feeding on the far bank in a little cove made by a tree.  I must have made about 20 casts to get the drift just right, and he whacked it pretty good.  After a few strong runs, he broke me off. After all that work, and a take he was gone.  By now I couldn't see to tie on another and we called it a day after many battles, some lost, some won with the trout.  I took a good spill after getting my feet tangled in a log.  I hadn't seen it all day, but I managed to find it after dark!

      It was a great day to be on the water, and to have my uncle catch 2 beautiful trout was the highlight of my day.  Its always nice to fish with him, since we started fly fishing together way back in the day.  It was amazing to see all the bugs all over the place all day long.  It was a long weekend of fishing.  I think I spent more time fishing than actually fishing this weekend.  Now its time to get some yard work done and outside spring chores finished.

Caddis party


Look at his spots





 Look at the black caddis in his mouth to the left of the wiggley stone!

This is a nice Housy Brown Anthony nymphed up last Friday!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Hope all that insect life bodes well for the season. And that Housy brown is a beauty!