Best day this year in less than the best conditions

This is the fourth of many Carp fishing posts and though this is yet another report there will be an informational post about the fishing coming very soon.
This trip was different in that it came with less than ideal conditions. The water clarity was good but the overcast skies and stiff breeze made spotting fish very difficult. What I did find however that if I was patient and staked out a spot and waited very patiently. Fish would cruise back into the banks where they were hiding out. The good thing about it was that in my experience fish on the banks feed very well and even the fish who were not on the banks were much less spooky. The downside was that since I could not see the fish well in most cases I had to fish flies much slower than my already slow pace which made detecting strikes very difficult. For many of the fish I could not visually or physically detect the take so I had to slowly drag the fly an inch or two with the rod tip every few seconds to make sure I had no action.
This type of fishing proved to be very successful but I certainly did not tempt any of the big fish in my favorite new carp pond. For this type of fishing I turned to a popular fly on the web that provides a lot of movement. I chose "McTage's Foam Trouser Worm" in yellow, one of several colors I tie it in and which can be found on his blog here. This fly has great action especially when given movement or when fished in an area that has any current at all which plays out in my fishing.

McTage's Foam Trouser Worm
The this day actually started out hot this day and I had steady action all day. In my carp fishing expeditions steady is not a word I would have used in the past but you can be sure I will search out these conditions again.

This first fish came right off the bat and unlike the others this day he came from the center of the pond. I was able to spot him with a few of his buddies through what refer to as a small "window" and he was actively tailing. I cast past the small school and brought the fly back into them. The fish showed no interest so I let it sit for a minute and gave it a small twitch. He immediately swam over to the fly and gave it a very long inspection. Long enough that I took my eyes off him for a second and as soon as I did he sucked it up and immediately took off hooking himself. Not the size I look for but a lot of fun nonetheless.

This next fish was a cool eat because he was a very happy bank eater. I spotted this fish while walking around the pond and unfortunately put the fly right on him for which he promptly took off. I was patient though and after only a few seconds he came right back and took up his position. I waited around thirty seconds and dragged the fly with the rod a few inches and he moved a good five feet in a flash to take the fly without hesitation. Not my biggest fish but this guy was all muscle and put up an awesome fight. Here is a video short as always in which you can see how slowly I was moving the fly if at all, plus it's always cool to just see some fishing footage.

Carpocolapse from Get Em Wet on Vimeo.

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