Carpin 3: Its officially an Urban Assault

If you've read the blog the last two days you can see I have been doing some carp fishing. Its been so good that I decided to put in work for the third day. This time I armed myself with an arsenal of actual carp flies and I brought backup. My friend Mike came along with me and good thing too because without him I could not have landed at least one of the fish and I certainly wouldn't have good photos.

All in all today was good. I picked up a small fish on a wiggle nymph not too long after we we got there but unfortunately things slowed down for quite a while after that.
Small fish on a wiggle nymph
In the down time after that fish Mike and I fished our little hearts out taking hundreds of shots at fish without too much interest at all. Mike was fishing the far bank when he noticed a little gosling stuck in a hole near the bank and after a quick rescue we had a new buddy for the day. That seemed to turn things around because not too long after that I hooked up a nice fish on a crayfish.

Our good luck charm

This fish almost swallowed the clawdad I threw at it
After the release it took a solid hour to get any more action but it was worth the wait. I was eyeing up a really nice fish all day but he was pretty spooky. I could see him feeding but a fly put within 20 feet of him sent him running. I waited for the fish to cruise around and I put the fly right where he had been feeding. Sure enough a few minutes later he came back and I gave the fly a twitch...nothing. I let it sit for maybe another 15 seconds watching him root around and then I saw the line twitch. I can actually say everything went right on this fish and he turned out to be my largest carp yet, a true dinosaur and a good way to end the day.

Monster fish late in the day
Look at the shoulders on this brute

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