Carpin Grounds
So I went out and actually targeted carp today all by their lonesome. Trout fishing has been slow but I wanted to get out anyhow, and after seeing a few carp on my last outing to the Black I figured there may be a few more there this time. My logic turned out to be spot on, the water held many carp and I hooked into two very very large fish but I wasn't able to bring them in. THere were still a ton of Suckers in the river but I managed to stay away from them for the most part, landed a few here and there but Im figuring out how to not catch them in that river. One fish I couldn't keep off the line however was bullhead which is new to me, I hadn't seen them in this location before and they were eager to eat the fly.
Couldn't keep the bullhead off
I also managed to hook into a nice bass that ate my big black stone but he was very lethargic so I didn't even take him out of the water. For you toothy guys like myself there were also  ton of pike and pickerel in the river too. I will probly head back this week to try to get revenge on the carp I will keep you posted
Another pesky sucker
I swear I did not stage this

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