Chasing ghosts

Its almost that time of they year when the inshore action in the Long Island Sound really get going.  Shore fishing the western sound where I fish is a tough game to play.  The early part of the season is a lot of trips with little action.  They become more of scouting trips than anything else.  Going to spots at low tide and checking out the new lay of the land from the recent storms is very important.  One, the cuts might have gotten filled in, or even deeper.  This could be a big problem when fishing the incoming tide.  you can get stuck, and not be able to make it back to shore.  Second, areas can be changed altogether.  I was at one of my favourite spots this past weekend, and the reef is pretty much gone.  The rips arent going to form, and this could play a major part in the fishing, because they bait fish have no where to get trapped.  The stripers and blues look to feed on fish caught in these rips.  Lastly, looking for bait will determine if the fish are around.  With the deep drop offs, the fish will only move in to feed if there is bait present.  So its like chasing ghosts because you have the feeling they are there, you know they might be there, and if you believe, you hop that they are there!No bait=no fish=unhappy clients!  I can say, from what i have seen, this year might be very good because of the cooler weather we have had this spring.  Usually the western sound turns into a bathtub because inshore is very shallow.  Once this happened the fish move to deeper cooler water.  I hopefully will have plenty of reports and pictures as the moth of June is the hottest month for us shore fisherman!   The fish are still chasing the herring around the tidal rivers, so its only a matter of time before they meet up with the fish from the Hudson, and Chessy Bay, stay tuned.

The trout action has been very good.  We have had a nice run of caddis, and now the sulphurs are turning on.  Fish are rising every evening and you still can get fish on nymphs.  lat evening, i got this nice trout on a sz. 20 zebra midge.  I saw him flash, and 10 minutes later he was in the net.

Tonight i went back, since the weather cleared up nicely.  I went Old school, using my very first fly set up.  An Orvis Battenkill reel and clearwater rod.  They are about 18 years old.  the rod is a light fast action rod, 7 ft, perfect for small Croton Watershed rivers.  All stockies on caddis, but I did see sulphurs tonight right at dark.  I also missed a big boy that I have targeted a coulpe of times.  his friends live under the trees, and hopefully i can give them the presentation they want with the smaller rod.

Look for some cool things in the next month.  June is a great month here in SE NYS, you can catch many different species all month. The kayak makes its first salty appearence soon chasing stripers and blues just off shore. I will be filming a salt outing with Live the Wild Life TV.  Tom from the shop has done some trout trips already.  They are a hunting show, that is adding fishing to the mix.  Im very grateful that they have included me, and my services for the shows.  Check them out on facebook, and on their web site.  I also just finished an article for their on line magazine that will come out in July.  Its about Fly Fishing The Western CT Shoreline.  Its free, so sign up on their web site.  They have some unreal hunts that they go on, the content is very interesting to say the least.

Sleep is going to be at a minimal for me in June, there are too many fish to catch!

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