Getting My Fix Updated w/Pic!!!

      I went out last evening to hopefully run into a spinner fall at the EB of the Croton in Brewster, NY.  I fished an area that I have been scouting for sometime now, in hopes of tangling one of the big brown that I have seen.  The spinners never fell, but I was able to manage 2 before I decided to call it quits.  I was able to find some trout who were feeding sporadically.  Made 2 good presentations on each and landed both.  Both fish smashed the rusty I had on, and fought hard.  Got home a little early to help my wife put the kids to sleep.  Tonight its off to The Angler's Den to teach an introduction to saltwater fly fishing and tying class, then going on the hunt for some spring stripers!

*Update;  The spring striper scene is still goning strong, the fish are feeding on herring, and they are starting their migration to the lower Housatonic River and to the LIS. Saturday night is was a lot of fu to watch schools of herring geting smashed by hungry stripers!!!

Saturday night Stripes!

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