Video Saltwater Flats with the Kayak

I was able to get out Sunday morning for a few hours.  The salt has been behind this year, but it has started to turn the corner with the sand eels moving in.  I fished an area that had good first light blitzes this week, but the tide was no far enough into the outgoing for alot of surface action.  Usually you can wade and sight fish at around 2.5 hours into the outgoing, but the recent hurricans have taken alot of the sand that is close to the shore and pushed it out, so the yak was a good choice.  My eels got chomped by the occasional blue, and I picked up some sea robins on plugs, but I did get into some stripes once the tide was in the latter stage of the outgoing.  They were chasing sand eels in the shallows.  Using a white unweighted 7 inch sluggo, I was able to hunt down the swirls, aand fleeing bait.  Get the bait right at the swirld, and it usually got whacked.  Tried the buggy stick, but on the kayak it makes it a little harder to deliever quick casts.  Got a sea robin on the fly, and with the sand eels back in town, hopefully some bass to come!  Enjoy the Videos!

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