Fishing Food : High Energy Snacks

Most of us who spend a lot of time on the water know the importance of maintaining your energy. If you're going through the lengths of planning a long fishing trip or outing you want to do everything you can to make sure it goes well. One aspect of the planning process we often neglect is food. Many people pack snacks or lunch but its often not what the body needs to get you through the day while maintaining your energy and focus, especially when its hot. Here is a list of five great snacks to bring with you on a trip, but don't forget to pack along water or gatorade.
1. Beef Jerky - This makes the top of the list because of how easy it is to stuff it in a pocket or keep it for long periods of time. It wont go bad on you and it can have a very high level of protein. One thing to avoid is brands that are high in sodium and sugar. Lightly seasoned jerky is best

2. Pumpkin Seeds - Pumpkin seeds pack serious protein. If you gobble down a half cup over the course of a couple hours or faster you've put down up to 15 grams of protein

3. Cashews - Cashews are delicious, but they also have a couple huge benefits for the energy craving fisherman. Compared to other nuts they are lower in fat but stuffed full of antioxidants and good fatty acids, almost the same amount as fish. They also have good iron and zinc levels along with a couple other minerals. I'm not saying eat a whole can but if pop a couple every now and than they will help keep you going.

4. Eggs - A hard boiled egg or two is a great high energy snack, they would be higher on the list if they were easier to transport but I have eaten more than my share of smashed cupcakes so in the end I don't see the problem.

5. Apple - I would rather say banana but I don't bring one or encourage others to bring one anywhere near a body of water. Apples are just plain good for you. They have vitamins, minerals, and good carbs. Its a good quick way to get an extra little energy boost.

Remember to stay away from soda's and energy drinks. Dehydration is the quickest way to ruin a trip a get a lazy lethargic feeling. Stay hydrated and eat good snacks and you'll find some energy you haven't had on other fishing trips and get your no bananas sticker here.

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