Gear Review: Fishpond Westwater Lumbar Guide Pack

There is definitely a new demand for waterproof fishing packs these days and I have always been a fan of fishpond products. When I finally tore up my waist pack enough to warrant buying a new one I decided to take the plunge into the new waterproof market no pun intended. Since I have been such a fan of there swag I decided to give the Westwater pack a go.

I have been fishing and guiding out of the pack for several months now so I think I have given it quite a fair poke now. Initially my main concern was for what I thought looked like a huge lack of organization in the pack and after putting it through the fire I can say that this hesitation was warranted. For me it tends to work out because I use full sized C&F boxes and they lay flat in the bottom of the pack or fit next to each other 3 deep in the bottom which does help organize themselves a bit, however, there are only two other pouches inside and neither of them are large enough to store much of anything so small items float around in the bottom. There is a slot in the back of the pack thats roughly the same size as the interior but its not very wide but it works well for leaders or a very thin box or two. In the front inside there is a small zippered push which is a little on the small side and one of my biggest gripes. Its not really big enough for any of the trinkets I use but I could see it holding a small tin of shot or two, maybe some indicators or other odd tools. Thats it for the inside.

On the outside it has a few good features but the only exterior storage is a zippered waterproof pocket pocket that is not very large, for me it works well for some UV glue with a little flashlight and I could see it used as a license pouch and maybe throw in a cell phone or two if you are adventurous. I have submerged this pocket many times and I have yet to get water inside of it. It has a neck strap and a waist pack with seemingly sturdy clips and on the back of the pack it has lumbar support and an integrated net slot to go along with clips and rings for attachments and strap loops on the bottom for a rod tube.
Outside front with a view of the rear inside pocket

Rear of the pack veiwing the waist belt, lumbar support, and net slot
Now for the things I love. The zippers on the pack appear to be as advertised, that is completely waterproof. If you make sure to keep everything zipped no water gets inside at all and the zippers are pretty darn sturdy. However, the zippers are tight due to the waterproofing so you have to make sure you zip them all the way closed or water can get in and stay in. When you get all the outside straps adjusted the way you want and secure the excess they do not seem to get in the way at all which is an improvement for me from my waterdance pack which seemed to catch everything. Its very large on the inside and you can put a ton of stuff inside the thing. Inside mine I have five full sized C&F boxes, one small C&F box, an ultra-thin Orvis box, a Cliff Bugger Barn box, and two utility boxes that have split shot, indicators, etc. In the two organizational pockets inside I can carry a few dozen leaders along with four spools of Amnesia and Maxima. I can see the net slot being an awesome addition but since I use a long handle net it doesn't do me a ton of good but works well as a drink holder. Its tight in there but thats with six full size boxes, two small boxes and accessories.

Looking inside at the front inside pocket just big enough for my Amnesia and Maxima spools, two each
Tons of inside storage space for a waist pack with a good waterproof zipper
All in all I really like the pack, it does hold the water out and it has tons of space, it seems to be durable as hell and its comfortable on your body all day no matter which way you carry it.

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