Gear Review: Rio Perception Lines

Rio perception lines are making waves in the industry right now and for good reason. But you need to ask yourself what makes this line so advanced in comparison to what we already have?

Well I will tell you. Rio Perception lines are very low stretch which equates to fewer missed fish and better strike detection. Stretch is a major issue with pretty much every line out there. The stretch absorbs energy which reduces sensitivity and increases reaction time. The sensitivity in these Perception lines are amazing and because of the low stretch it delivers the energy where you want it making it a more accurate line. One of the things I love most is that you can pick up a lot more line with less effort.
Another cool thing about the line is that its multi colored which helps you dish out the proper amount of line when guessing distances thus improving accuracy.  The first 20 feet are one color while the next 16 feet are another and show you the best loading point. The remainder is yet another color. They are ninety foot lines with a 35-38 foot head depending on line size. They are available in Green/Camo/Tan or in my personal favorite Camo/Tan/Gray and feature the same coating we have come to love from Rio. The boast good durability and have very little memory.

Wanna hear another awesome thing about them, with the new EasyID Loops the line model and size is printed on the line itself! No more mixed up spools and lines!

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