So I headed up to Lake Placid to hang with my son for a day and to get in one day of fishing while I could. As you can tell if you've been following me the Hex hatch has come on up there and no matter what I have going on I always make time to fish it.
Friday night I hooked up with Mike after a few beers at McDougals with Evan (owner of the Hungry Trout) and we made our final plans for a Pike assault during the day while we waited for the bugs. As soon as we got on the water (late might I add due to the drinking of course)we noticed hexes all over the place so we knew the night was going to be good. Unfortunately despite fishing all over the Saranac Chain we didn't drum up any fish and really didn't see too much activity either. We headed into town and threw some wings into our guts at Lisa G's, ran into Ken Kalil for a short and headed off to switch out boats.

Lake Oseetah

Our little buddy on Lake Oseetah
Hex on Lower Saranac during the day

Going through the lock to Lower Saran

Once we had the raft loaded up and the Yeti filled with PBR we headed out to the pond to link up with Evan and get after the hatch I came here for. Sure enough the bugs were there, although not in full swing yet. We managed to drum up a few fish here and there, miss a few, and have an amazing time. It really was a gorgeous night and I could not be happier with how it went despite the fact that I have seen it better. The fish were just a little put off but it just goes to show that when the Hexes are on the water the fish will always eat them. We even managed to catch a bunch of catfish on dries but we wont talk about that. If you happen to have need to head up and get it while the gettin is good.

Evan got this great shot right before dark
This little fella hammered the fly as soon as I started to say "HE BETTER EAT THAT" And notice how snug Mike is with my Yeti, I have to keep a very close eye on him.

I love to see this! This little one drilled me in the face rowing back to the launch

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