Fishing Beer Review: Old Chubb

Old Chubb has been around a little while and has been getting some rave reviews. Michael drinks this stuff pretty regularly and he probably wont agree with my review or at least he will have something different to say but to each his own.

Old Chubb is a Scottish style Ale. It is brewed by Oscar Brother Brewing Co and comes in a 12 ounce can with a heavy 8% alcohol content. To me this beer is a little on the darker side and I do not usually like dark beer but this stuff goes down surprisingly well. It has almost a chocolate or coffee aftertaste to it with a nice creamy tan head. It is definitely a rich beer and surprisingly good considering its coming out of a can.

One thing I can say is that you have to be careful with this guy. I tried this out fresh out of my ice cold Yeti on a smoking hot summer day and I was pleased by how smooth the beer goes down and coming from the can it holds its carbonation well. I moved on from cans a long time ago because of the lack of tasty brews coming in them but since I grew up on canadian canned beer this was amazingly refreshing with its carbonation which bottled beer doesn't hold as well. It goes down smooth with just the right bite and at 8% you need to make sure you don't enjoy it too much or fishing will go right out the window.

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