Gear Review: Scott Rods Radian

Scott Rods has done it again with their newest addition to the quiver, the Radian. I was a little hesitant that such great designs as the S4 and the G2 could be improved on but I was wrong. Scott started this project out with the goal of producing a rod that was fast and maintained feel on a level that has not yet been reached and they have acomplished just that.
They did this through a new technology they are calling "ReAct". This technology drastically increase recovery speed which generates line speed by reducing vibration in the blank. Vibration is an enemy of casting accuracy and distance and the good folk at Scott have managed to drastically reduce this effect without making the rod too stiff. Normally rods are made stiffer to reduce the vibration but they have managed to avoid this by making the rod recover faster.
Dont get me wrong, the rod is stiffer than others but its not as stiff as some of the very fast action rods I have come to love, but it does perform just as well if not better. Because its not as stiff it makes short distance casts much easier and more effective than it is with the Radian's competition. Basically, that fast recovery without excessive stiffness makes long distance possible while allowing for good casting feel at all distances with good mending capability and tippet protection.
in addition to a world class blank, Scott has built this rod up with amazing components. The Radian has SiC titanium framed stripping guides, a custom reel seat with boxed elder spacer, top grade portuguese cork and the new universal snake guides that I have become a fan of in my own building ventures. Top that off with the fact that like other Scott Rods, they are built right in here in the gold old US of A.

Treat yourself to a test at your nearest Scott dealer, these rods will impress you with both function, ease of use and appearance...the trifecta. Find a dealer by following the link to the Scott website in the picture below.

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