Fishing right around the corner

Spring is here and fishing is right around the corner in the High Peaks and there is a lot of anticipation the year. For the crew at the Hungry Trout we have been chomping at the bit over a very long winter waiting for this time of year to roll around. This is an exciting time, when the snow starts to melt and it reminds us to get ready for the good times right around the corner.
For this angler, that means pulling all the gear out and knocking the cobwebs off. All of my steelhead gear gets “summerized” and I start to prepare for the long, but too short season. I have have been tying flies by the hundreds and checking and rechecking all of my equipment. This is when we set up new equipment, rethink tactics and relive all the memorable trips and fish we encountered the season past.
When I think about spring in the High Peaks I dont associate it with huge trout and piles of rising fish, not that they can't be had. For me that comes later in the year. Spring for me, and for much of the Hungry Trout crew means reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones, it means that the blood starts to boil, rods can finally get a bend in them one way or another, and the quirks get worked out.
I personally love the early season fishing. Its not our greatest fishing of the year in some regards and the weather can be unreliable, but you can fish in relative peace. Holdover browns are hungry and haven't been harrassed all winter. You finally get to feel the sun on your face and water rushing past your legs without having to wear every pair of long Johns you have.
New begginings....thats the best way I can describe the spring, I feel revitalized after April 1st and it puts a pep in my step and a hunger in my heart that I had almost forgotten about.

There is a lot to look forward to in the spring . On the Ausable that means the Hendricksons. The first good hatch during most years and a good way to get reaquainted with the river. The Two Fly Contest is also held in the spring, competition aside, it's a great way to meet up with anglers from all over and enjoy a good weekend with like-minded people.
We are all very excited for the 2014 season and I can't wait to see everyone in the shop and on the river this year. Make sure you stay up to date with our comings and goings through social media so you have a good idea of when things kick off for us in the very near future.

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