Help out a future Team USA member

Check out the cool kickstarter for Jesse Haller on GoFundMe here.
Jesse will give you a nymphing clinic, a guided trip, or even mow your lawn for a contribution

"We are hoping to help Jesse continue to realize his dreams as he continues on to the Championship Round of the Pro Fly Angling Tour on September 27th, 2014 and the quest to make the United States Fly Fishing Team in 2015. Jesse has been working hard to realize his goals and has found himself in a good position to make a final push toward success over the next year. He is currently sitting in 16th in total points for the USAFFT, and finished 11th in his PFAT Qualifier. The demand of these events require lots of travel and time missed with his family and work.  We are grateful for Jesse's contributions to the fly fishing culture in Vermont and his efforts to grow the sport through his work as President of the New Haven River Anglers Association, the Otter Creek Classic Events and other community out reach programs.  We hope you will help Jesse reach his goals. All donations are grately appreciated, feel free to select a rewarded level of donation and recieve some fly fishing instruction or guided fishing from Jesse. Thank you for your support!"

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