Opening Day

It was very nice to have spring break fall on Opening Day here in NY.  I decided to take a drive to one of my favortie places to fish, The Neversink Gorge located in Rockville NY. The "Sink" is one of the first Catskill Rivers you come across on your way west on RT.17.  There still was a lot of snow pack, but the flows were just right and I wanted to fish a remote place on the opener.  I hiked down the main trial, which is about 1 mile from the car, and fished the first pools and runs to come up empty handed.  I then hiked about another 1 mile down stream to a remote pool that I had a good idea held fish.  I was unsuccessful at fishing some holes and pockets along the way.  I was rewarded with 5 fish in the 14-17 inch range, and 3 more from 12-13 inches.  I was using some European Nymphing Methods, and using big size 6 stones flies.  The water was very deep and I needed to get them down in a hurry.  All the fish hot very softly except for one, but they put on a great fight! The fish down in the gorge are mostly wild, and some of them rarely even see a fly.  The hiking even where there is no snow if very difficult.  The 2 mile trek back to the car was extremely difficult because I was walking on a trail that had not been trounced upon by anyone.   I am on a little bit of a find new remote water kick this year and fishing the Sink was a great way to start off my season.

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