You just gotta...

When its April 1st in New kind of just have to go fishing. It doesn't matter what the conditions are like, it doesn't matter if you catch anything, you just have to go. When you've had a winter like we have had here in the north country, than April 1st is a hell of a lot more than the opening day of trout season. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, and damn does it feel good to wet a line. OK so I'm 0-1 on fishing trips for this season and 0-2 on the river this year, but that's OK as long as its not -30 and the water is moving.

For Opening Day I decided to go with the 10 foot Radian and of course...a Nautilus

I admit, I cheated. This is from the day before opening day, I couldn't resist.

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