Heating up in the North Country

I had the chance to get out a few times this weekend and the fishing is heating up. One of the other guides I work with absolutely punished the fish on Friday and I had a trip go out yesterday where we had a few eat.
Today I went out with a buddy to one of our local rivers and it was awesome to see the river in great shape. Water temps and flows were beautiful and we saw bugs from all the important families. All day we saw BWO, stoneflies, and caddis and in the middle of the day we had a small Hendrickson hatch. My buddy Jeff managed to land a pair of fish and miss a couple and I missed a pair myself. The fish were a little nippy today which made getting a good hookset tough but it was awesome to finally see some good action.
Here are some pics from the weekend including my trip with Jeff today.

John working though a beautiful hole

Awesome afternoon for a good beer and a float trip

Jeff putting a nice fish in the net

Jeffs nice fish from the day

Awesome release shot of Jeff's nice fish

My fishing companion

Lots of bugs starting to fly around

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