HMH Tube Vise

The HMH premium tube vise is by far the best tube vise I have tied on, This product makes tying tube flies so much easier, I have gotten the arguement so many times that their tube fly attachment, also from HMH works well enough to not warrant an actual tube fly vise. I agree. But I still have to say that when you tie on one of these bad boys everything seems so much easier and convenient. You really should try it out. Lets not forget one of the greatest service departments in the industry. These guys will tune up your vise for life…thats if it ever needs it. I have tied on my HMH for years now tying flies way to big for the jaws, dropping it a million times while traveling etc, and it still works great. Check out the vise and other awesome products here. In addition HMH makes some of the best tubes and accessories out there for tying

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