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This seems to be a month where I am experimenting with new tying materials a ton and this is a particular product I have been waiting to get my hands on quite a while. My very good friend Rob over at Rob’s Realistics has been working on developing some new materials and he is finally near completion. All of his materials are sitting in stock waiting on the proper paperwork to get in order and I expect this stuff will be available after the new year. Rob sent me over a sample and I was really exited with what I got. One of the cool things he will be releasing is his new realistic wing and body cases or whatever he is going to call them. They are really cool to look at and even easier to work with having a clear tag to tie in with.

What I have been most looking forward to is his new body wrap material. It’s basically an altered latex with color impregnation. The difference between this material and all the other material out there is this is what they are pinning “UV resistant stabilized latex.” Basically what that is saying is all the little pores in the material have been filled in by some rocket science process which means the material wont fade over time and it doesn't become brittle or break easily. I tested it and it took some brute strength to break it in comparison to other body wraps I have worked with. It comes in a bunch of different colors including some variations that are multi-layered which cuts out the need to lay a base down of whatever you normally use on translucent body wraps i.e. tinsel, floss, etc. I cant wait for this to hit the market so I get get this stuff in bulk!

Here is my first attempt at using the stuff, I opted for a pseudo realistic approach given that I rarely fish “realistica” patterns. I probably wont use the body tags to often unless I'm tying for a shadow box but I will certainly use the wing cases and the body material. All in all I am really happy with the stuff I will certainly be using it a lot more.

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