Gear Review - Nature Boy Designs

What can I say about this company, its awesome nuff said. I have always liked the products these boys rip out and most of the people I run across who see mine do too. My favourite I think is the trucker cap I have. I am admit tingly fashion wary when it comes to my fishing adventures. Ive learned over the years guiding that presenting yourself well will reap benefits for you in the long run as it should and I just feel better when I'm presentable. With that said I also like to consider myself a young man which is getting harder to say these days but nonetheless I tend to follow a more trendy fashion pattern. The trucker cap is great because it looks good, its not filled with loud gaudy colors that scare fish and its useful. How many times to you stick flies in your hat. I know for me I go through more hats than I would like as I tend to get pretty attached to them. The bills on all my hats look like the have been shot repeatedly during a drunken campfire challenge. Nature Boy Hat has a cool exposed foam fin above the brim that serves as part of the design as well as a place to put a fly that doesn't require a strong man competition and a pair of pliers to remove.

They also have a cool rod tube that I use a lot. I carry a lot of gear with me on all of my trips and my trunk space can get very precious. Their tube is strong, dependable, easy on the eyes, features two handles and a padded threaded cap. It can accommodate 3-6 rods depending on the rod and how you pack it and they will design it to the size of your choosing within reason.

And how can you go wrong this shirt that I'm sure you've seen floating around. Im a die hard indi fisherman and I'm not afraid to show it.

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