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Hubbard's Skinny Mini Sculpin

It's no secret we love sculpin flies here and this time of year when we are fishing low water and swinging flies for chrome, this little guy kicks ass. Jeff Hubbard of Jeff Hubbard's Outfitters North designed this fly for these conditions. This is a great fly for low, clear, and cold water. Jeff is a guide on the Pere Marquette amongst others. Shared via Frankenfly where the direct link can be found here.

Hook: Daiichi Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons 2051 Size 1 or 2
Tail: Steelhead Orange ICE dub
Body: Olive Krystal Hackle Med.
Body: In front dub Steelhead Orange ICE dub
Collar: Olive Marabou tied in tip first palmered to front
Wing: Pearl Flashabou
Collard: Mallard Flank Feather palmered towards eye of hook
Head: Sculpin style clump of Tan Australian Possum or Senyo’s Laser Dub

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