Monster Fly Undertaking "The Undertaker"

Ok, so since my very good friend Mike refuses politely over the last couple of years to post more photos or tie a few more of a really cool red squirrel fly he makes. I have decided to tie a huge red squirrel fly for him. I have a rough Idea in my head of how I want it to be but I have no idea how its going to turn out. I am going to post the step by steps in real time as they happen, regardless of how it turns out. Ive been itching to do some Musky flies so here goes....

Hook: Gamakatsu 02418 Octopus # 8/0
Tail: Lynx Zonker Cut from Hide (Available on limited basis)
Tail Guard: Masons Hard Mono 20lb
Butt: trimmed from sheet Craft Fur Zonker
Legs: Knotted EP Fibers
Overbody: 2mm Craft Foam
Body: Spun Deer Haira
Eyes: Jurassic Eyes Gold/Red 6mm

NOTE: this pattern is a Get Em Wet original, please give credit where credit is due.

Tie in the tail guard and add a drop of super glue to secure

Tie in the Lynx honker on top of the glue while its still tacky to help hold it in place

Tie in three pieces of foam from two different colors, Use a frog body style cut.

Tie in the craft fur honker strip and wrap it forward twice, tie it down and cut off the excess

Tie in the first set of legs and trim the excess

Start spinning the deer hair body making sure its tight and you are using long fur

Once you've spun all the way to the front and left a little bit of room to finish the fly, trim the top of the fly to shape

Tie in the last set of legs and trim off excess

Fold the foam pieces over and tie them in one at a time to make sure they are sitting right

Trim the bottom of the fly to ensure a good amount of gap spacing

Finished fly without eyes or epoxy

FInished fly with eyes and epoxy

This fly is GIGANTIC, I have no idea if its floats or not either but it was fun as hell to tie and I bet its a riot to fish in the right conditions, especially if the fish want a slow retrieve and you don't have to cast er...flop it around all day. Have Fun!

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  1. thanks a lot buddy! I can't wait to fish it, it passed the bathtub test today

  2. That thing looks like ready to cook chicken

  3. Huge, ugly, casts like a brick, only a big fish could get its mouth around it, gotta love it!
    In same vein have a look at this

  4. Awesome man thanks! Is this your article?

  5. Yes, that is my site been around since 1996 - cheez I'm getting old.

  6. Please tell me somebody has caught a fish on this!!!

  7. Hey Nick Bentele! No fish yet that I know of but I have absolutely no doubt we will make it happen this summer. Its going to be so much fun!

    1. Yes!!! I want to know when and what!! What would you target? Pike/muskie/LMB/Brown Trout ??

  8. I don't know its I will target browns on this thing, its over a foot long. But I will definitely be chasing Musky/Pike with it