Salmon River on Fire

The Salmon River was fishing HOT yesterday. After poking one on Friday in high water at 1600cfs I couldn't resist the chance to head out to the river at 285cfs. I woke up late so I decided to head down there more to get some video for the blog and test out a new tripod I'm using, which ended up being a mistake. The river was a little busy but I have seen it much worse and the fish were on fire. I saw plenty of guys hook upwards of fifty fish a piece and it really didn't matter what you threw at them although chartreuse seemed to be a little better than other colors. The water was slightly off color, stained at best and I didn't bother to take a temp reading.
Personally, I got worked. Those fish just would not cooperate with me but I have been out of the game for a while and my tight line skills are seriously lacking, something I plan to fix with haste. The fish seemed to be holding in the runs and there was no real pattern to them. Fish were found throughout the runs in the head, tail, and belly of them and they didn't seem to be moving too much. I saw very few fish come from any other type of water
As for the sucks and I won't be taking it out again unless I can work out some kinks. It does not operate very smoothly at all and much of the footage I took was unusable. You can see from the video that its a little choppy and that was the best footage I could find. I'm gonna play with it a little to see if I can make it better but if not its outta here.

I want to thank the nice people I met on the river Sunday who graciously allowed to to take video and photograph them. I cannot remember all of your names but I had a great time and can't say enough good things about each and every one of you. I apologize if I didn't use footage I took of you but unfortunately not as much as I would like turned out to be good enough. Please view the video in full screen HD.

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