In honor of the opener on April 1st: FREE SWAG!

I get asked a lot about a piece of gear Ive been wearing for a few years now. I do not wear a vest and when I was guiding full time I would always be reaching down for my nippers. I don't like a full lanyard around my neck so I needed a solution. The picture above was it and I've been wearing it for quite a while now and it really comes in handy.
Whenever somebody notices it they always ask where they can get one or just who sells it in general, but to my knowledge there isn't anything out there. Nature Boy Designs does make a lanyard and a wader lanyard like it but not the wrist lanyard like I wear. 
On a trip last weekend to visit some friends a very good buddy of mine asked me to make him one so I thought why not make a bunch and give them away on the blog.  So I am going to give away eight of these to the first eight people to send me their address. They don't come with nippers and I only made two sizes: One small and seven mediums or as I like to call them "one size fits some." The mediums are around six inches give or take. The colors are red, white, and blue inside wrapped with yellow outside to signify the yellow ribbon and supporting our troops overseas. No returns guys, its free stuff and if it doesn't fit give it to a fishing buddy because I'm all out of paracord. I hope you enjoy them.

I will publish the winners in our next post.

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  1. They look awsome Matt!

    hendrickson Spinner

  2. send me your address buddy.

  3. Count me in.

  4. Tha cold be real handy. Pun intended!

  5. looks like a winner am i too late?

  6. Hey Izzy, I have two winners I'm waiting on addresses from, they have till monday. If not than you're on the list!