On board!

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt for adding me to his Pro Staff here at Get Em Wet.  I look forward to the opportunity to add to an already growing community. 
      Here in Southeastern NY, and Western CT,  water levels are dropping from the rain and snow that has recently fallen.  The bugs are cooperating too, winter caddis, black and golden stones, and midges have been out most days, but the water temps are still on the chilly side of high 30's.  There have been some reports of fish rising during heavy stone fly hatches, but I have not seen any myself.  The action has been best right before and during the hatches.  The brown in the picture was taken on the Farmington River in CT during a small stone fly hatch.  He was taken indicator nymphing on a sz. 10 flash back wiggle stone on 6x.  Egg patterns, scuds, and small nymphs such as copper johns, and quill body nymphs in olive have also taken their fair share of fish.  One more week till opening day here in NY, cant wait to go hit some of my favourite early season spots!   Chasing spring stripers feeding on herring is right around the corner in the CT tidal rivers,  and I'm counting down the days till the sand eels make their appearance sometime in May in the Western Long Island Sound!

     With the week off from work, its still too cold to get my spring chores done, so I'll be on the river or behind the vise tying up flies.   Talk to all of you soon!!!!!

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