Some Cool New Gear For the 2013 Season

Umpqua Feather Merchants
This year Umpqua finally i shipping out their new bags and packs which are getting good reviews. Im not sure they have been out long enough to be thoroughly tested. They have released six different products in this lineup including a chest pack, two waist packs, a backpack, a boat bag, and a wet/dry duffel. Of most interest to me is their "Famous 2500" boat bag which features a fully functional workstation built into the EVA molded lid.

Cortland Trout Boss Line
Cortland is real easing its new Trout Boss line this year which they are touting as the greatest line they ever ever created. It is featuring this new Heat Dissipation Technology or HDT which reduces friction while false casting which improves line speed and therefore casting distance. It has a 65 foot head which lets you cast accurately at short distance while maintaining control at long distance.

Cortland has also released their new Micron ECO backing which is made from 100% percent recycled plastic. In this day and of conservation and resource preservation and protection this is a great product.

Rio Lines
Rio announced this year the introduction of two new Tarpon Lines.Thhe Tarpon technical line features a long head so that you can pick up line at distance and get second shots more quickly. Its designed to be fished in calmer conditions and has a tropical AgentX coating so that it can handle the heat

Their Tarpon Short line is the opposite having a short head and more easily used in rougher conditions. Its great for beginners because it can really handle a larger fly and with it you can fish through higher winds.

Flymen Fishing Company Mini Sculpin Helmet
Flymen fishing company announced that their popular Sculpin Helmet which you all know I am a huge fan of is now available in a mini size. The mini will accommodate hooks from size 10-2 and has a hole in the head design to accommodate a weed guard. They also increased the size of the eyes and added a silver color to the lineup.
Swift Fly Fishing
Swift fly fishing who is run by the makers of "once in a blue moon" released their Epic series of fiberglass rod blanks in december 2012 for a 2013 release. Swift blanks are amazing rods and are getting rave reviews already. I recently acquired a swift blank and I'm just waiting right now to finish another build I'm already working on. The Epic rods feature unidirectional builds which when described scientifically gives the rod more power while giving the caster complete control.

We also expect Swift to release a hubless fly fishing reel known as the "lunar reel" this year and to add a bonefish blank to the Epic series.

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