Carpin Part 2 : Flats style carp fishing

Well I had some time to burn in town today between chores so I decided to do some carp fishing again. This time I did it right and asked someone where to go, with very little coaxing required he gave up this spot and when I got there I was stunned at what I saw.

As soon as I arrived this is what I see the second I get out of the car
I was stunned that he gave this place up but I was happy as ever. The water was crystal clear, shallow, and packed full of carp. They were very spooky and it got worse as they day went on but in the end I managed to fool three and land one.

Had this all day
The fish were spooky as I said before but 15 foot leaders and small flies proved out. The best method today was to target the cruisers and get your fly fifteen feet ahead, as soon as the fish got about two feet out and small twitch usually got at least a look. One thing for sure, I will be back soon!

This was my fishing buddy today, she was very patient with me

Here is a quick video montage of me blowing it on the pond today, best viewed in full screen so you can see the fish better and get a feel for the fishing in this awesome place

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