Book Review: Modern Streamers For Trophy Trout

Im reminded of this book after having a conversation about trout fishing with staff member Michael Gray. Kelly Galloup through writing this book changed the way die hard fly fisherman look at streamer fishing and modified the tactics many of us use.

During the read you will come to understand big fish better. And when I say big, I mean big. We are talking about trout only over 20 inches or better. In fact, in a podcast with Zach Matthews Kelly talks about diving with a brown over 35 inches! Kelly and co author Bob Linsenmann have done a huge amount of field research logging countless hours diving and untold hours angling to gather the research shared in this book.

If you are not a big streamer fisherman, you may be after reading this book and if you are a streamer fisherman, schooled in the ways of many other skilled anglers, you will more than likely change tactics after this read. The book has been out for a very long time now, since 99' but it remains one the very best resources out there for streamer fisherman or connoisseurs of giant angry brown trout.

Here is a video of a monster brown just chilling....for no reason

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