Fishing Hangover Cures

My old beer of choice, notice the glow

I fish a ton, so I drink a ton. My good fishing buddy is staff member Michael Gray and we never head out without filling the cooler up with beer just like the rest of us, than we usually follow it up at the house with the hard stuff. I never used to get hangovers but as I get older headaches and upset stomachs are getting more common. Here is a list of my five best  solutions for the fishing hangover blues.

1. Hair of the Dog
As mentioned before there isn't a real solution for this but nothing quite cures a beer or liqueur hangover for me like beer or liqueur. I don't recommend this if you are fly fishing because nobody want to pull your ass out of the water but if you are retired to the camp or house and you just need to get rid of the spins or rot gut, pound something heavy and pass out...than repeat in the morning.

2. Hot Toddy
This one is my personal favorite. If you don't know what an NA hot toddy is, it's hot water with honey and lemon. Honey has tons of fructose and which supposedly helps to metabolize alcohol at a faster rate. Its easy to make, put on the kettle, pour hot water into a mug add a little bit of honey and a little bit of lemon. Personally I squeeze one lemon slice in and about a tablespoon of honey.

3. Crackers
Back in the day if you had a tummy ache your mom gave you crackers. Crackers are not going to stop the train wreck in your stomach but they can help bring your blood sugar level up. Low blood sugar levels make you cranky and tired and normally your liver cranks out some glucose and does the job but since its already working to clean up the mess you made, you need to help it out and feed it some ritz.

4. Alka-Seltzer
Good ol Alka-Setzer has been helping out hangovers for years. Alka-Seltzer is chock full of sodium bicarbonate which for us fisherman means baking soda and baking soda helps out with stomach acid so your tummy finally feels real nice.

5. Water
Water is by far the best real solution for a hangover. The biggest culprit for the crappy feeling we all get the next morning is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic so you need to pound a few glasses of the weak stuff before bed and even better would be to mix a few glasses in here and there with your beer. This should be number one but you know us men wont admit it.

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