Black Dolly Jig Nymph - Step By Step

Hook: Umpqau C400BL #14
Bead: Metz 3.3mm Tungsten Slotted Bead
Thread: Veevus 12/0 Black
Tail: Black Hen Back
Rib: Small Ultra Wire - Pink
Abdomen: Ice Dub - UV Black
Hot Spot: Ice Dub - UV Pink
Thorax: Ice Dub - UV Black

NOTE: this pattern is a Get Em Wet original, please give credit where credit is due.

Step 1
Tie in 5-8 strands of Hen Back for the tail

Step 2
Tie in the small wire for the rib and dub a thin abdomen. Bring the wire forward to create a thin segmented abdomen.

Step 3
Dub a small amount of the UV Pink dubbing for the hotspot

Step 4
Create a dubbing rope with the black UV Ice Dub and wrap three or four turns right up to the bead and tie off. Glue if desired

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