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UV Caddis Pupa
Green UV Caddis Pupa - Wet
UV Caddis under UV light - Green
This fly has become my go to fly for the entire season. There is a great abundance of green rockworm flies or rycophelia in the northeast and elsewhere as well. This is the best reasonable representation of that insect I have found and I have been punishing the fish all year for agreeing with me. Your'e cutting yourself short if you don't follow some of the recipe links and pick up the materials you need to spin a few up. This recipe is found on the FeatherBender blog and more specifically at the following link.

Green Recipe
Hook: Mustad C49S #10-18
Thread: Olive MP Split Second or Flat Waxed Nylon
Ribs/Gills: Olive Ostrich Herl
Underbody: Floss
Body: Larva Lace
Head: Black Tungsten Bead

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