October Newsletter/ Fishing Report



September started off with some good weather and cooperative fish around the region.  September can arguably be one of the best months of fishing with many different species to target. 


Croton Watershed

            The flows did rise and fall with some of the rain this month, but they have remained pretty consistent throughout the month.  Some are on the low side, so try and find those deep holding pockets. Small midge and caddis larva, pheasant tails, WD-40’s, all have taken fish subsurface.  Dry fly fishing caddis emergers, and midges have provided some steady action on top, with fish being very active on Iso’s in the evening.  As we move into October, and the start of the spawn, look to use some egg and scud patterns paired up with your nymphs.  Wooly Buggers in olive, black, and brown with a touch of yellow are a good choice for you meat chucker! Remember to check the regulations on which river you want to fish, some rivers can only be fished till September 30 th, and the rest close on October 15th.  The EB in Brewster remains open all year long.








The Housatonic

The Housy has remained an excellent option this month.  Bigger fish have been taken on stone fly, Iso nymphs, pheasant tails, scuds, and caddis larva.  The dry fly action has been very good as well, with the fish on Isos, olives, caddis and flying ants. The spinner falls have been pretty good in the evenings as well.  Smallies also have been in the mix on streamers.  Connecticut has stocked 9,000 fish recently, and mixed with the very good holdover populations, the fishing should remain strong.  Continue to look for bigger smallies and the occasional pike and the water temps drop!


The Farmington

            The Farmington has seen better months, but there are still fish to be had.  The hatches aren’t as strong as The Housy, but tan caddis in the morning, along with terrestrials will fool some fish, and Isos and yellow sallies in the late afternoons into the evenings.  Also look for some spinner falls toward dark.  Try using black and golden stones paired with pheasant tails or hares ear nymphs while nymphing. 


Road Trips

          The salmon have been entering the Salmon River all month.  Some days more fish move than others.  The trout have not been too far behind.  This past weekend saw a good push of fish, and there are currently fish scattered from top to bottom.  Look for holding lies using a variety of egg patterns, comets, streamers, and naturals such as stonefly nymphs.  As we move into the middle of October, they salmon will wrap up their spawning, the steelhead, and the brown trout will become readily available. 


The beginning of the month I took a trip to The Ausable to see my friend Matt DeLorenzo from The Hungry Trout.  The fishing up there has been excellent for almost 7 weeks now.  We took fish on stone flies, and caddis larvae Czech Nymphing.  I tallied many browns, and a nice 19 in rainbow.  Also we got into a nice iso hatch late in the day, and we were able to pick up many fish up to 16 inches. 


19 inch Bow!




            This has been a very difficult year for the surf in The Western Long Island Sound.  Heavy rains this spring kept the baitfish in deeper water and the stripers basically stayed with them.  Things are starting to turn on a little, as the fish are beginning to make their fall migrations.  The bait has seemed to move back into the local waters.  Silversides, bay anchovies, peanut bunker, and adult bunker have moved back in.  The gator blues can be found during first light blitzes.  The tough part about the fall migration is that the stripers are always on the move, so if you find them in one spot one day, they can be gone the next.  Look to fish first or last light and into the night.  Keep at it, a trophy bass and blues can be had!



Fishing should remain good to excellent in the sweet water, and things should pick up in the salt as the water temps drop, kicking the fall run into action.  If you are looking for trips, contact me at frank@theanglersden.net.


Tight Lines!

Frank DeGrazio

“Hendrickson Spinner”

NYS Lic. Fishing Guide #6886


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