End of the season? I think not..

Heather with a nice early morning Ausable brown
Unfortunately for us New York folk the end of the regular trout season is soon to be upon us. This doesn't mean that we can't fish for trout anymore but a lot of the areas we fish throughout the season will be closed. With that said the fishing remains as it has been in the North Country...excellent!

A gorgeous fall brown from this past weekend
A lot of folks seem to think that this time of year is not worth fishing, at least in comparison to earlier parts of the season and for this angler, that could not be further from the truth. On my home waters in the Adirondacks the Isonychia hatch is in full swing as well as really great BWO hatches and mixed in flying ants and stoneflies. The fish are just as eager to eat them now as they have been all season.

A nice fish taken early afternoon on a spinner
 In fact, the fishing this week has been pretty good all day long. My clients and I have had good success on dries in the evening during the awesome hatches but fish are moving on streamers and taking nymphs eagerly

A respectable Ausable brown landed while nymphing mid-day
The other cool thing about this time of year is that the fish are starting to color up well and as one would expect they are starting to think about spawning and getting pretty aggressive. Don't move on to steelhead just yet when we still have a few good weeks or more left in the season.

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