Somerset 2014

Taken 8:30am on Saturday

The Fly Fishing show in Somerset this year went off without a hitch. I've been looking forward to this show all winter and I wasn't disappointed. For those of you who were there, it was great to see you all and I'm glad everything went as good as it did for all three days.

At the Hungry Trout Resort booth we could not have been happier with the turnout. Our new video was a huge hit and got rave reviews from everybody, and OB's cookies weren't so bad either. For those of you who couldn't be there make sure you get out next year so you can check out all the new gear before the season starts and stock up on everything you need. If you aren't looking to check stuff out like I am there is a huge variety of destination booths for you to check out and plan your trips for the year.

A quick shot of the Hungry Trout Booth
If you want to check out our new video, check out the Hungry Trout Fly Shop on Facebook. The video will be loaded there shortly.

My big acquisition from the show

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