A New Beginning

Finally back on the water! 2/2015
It has been over 3 months since I had my Cervical Dysectomy and Fusion, a.k.a Peyton Manning Surgery on two of my disks in my neck.  I'm happy to report that I am back working, and back fishing after about 6 weeks of intense physical therapy and I haven't felt this good in years.  Lots of questions and doubt while I was recovering, especially since I didn't realize that I was so fragile after surgery. I lost so much strength in my left arm from the constant pain and numbness that I had.  I am very fortunate that I had a great doctor, and I actually followed all of his instructions during my road to recovery.  I spent countless hours on the treadmill and in the gym to get back, and added few fishing trips under my belt too.  I cant tell you how great it feels to have no pain, and no worry that I dont have to worry about it being so bad that I m stuck
in bed.  Ill be heading up to the Salmon River soon to put an exclamation point on my recovery.  The excitement of a new fishing and guiding season has me focused on 2015. 

EB Croton Brewster, NY Bow 6/2014
I am very happy that Matt has asked me to continue to be a part of The Fly Patch.  We hope to bring something to the table for the beginner to the most experienced angler.  We are going to contine to bring you the most up to date information and happenings around the industry, along with gear reviews, videos, trip reviews, and all of our experiences throughout the season.  We have some new wrinkles planned as well, but you'll have to check back through out the year!

WB Delaware Bow 7/2014 A rare find!
2015  for me is starting to fill up quickly with some new events and adventures.  I am presenting for the Anglers Den on The Farmington River, and the Mianus CT TU in March on my home waters of the Croton Watershed, I am organizing a trip to The Farmington River with the crew from The Anglers Den Fly Shop in Pawling, N.Y., guide trips, and personal trips to the top rivers in my area including a trip to Idaho and Colorado in the summer!  I will be fishing some of the top trout water in the country during my 8 day adventure.  I have been trying to fill my boxes for guiding and my trips. Every time I get patterns done, its seems like there are that many more to do!

Looking back at my reports page on www.hendricksonspinnerflyfishing.com, I am excited to be getting the winter over with.  The first stone flies are not too far off then the caddis will begin to emerge and then its game on!  A good snow pack will keep the rivers flowing and cold.  Sooner than later, the Hendricksons will have every fly angler in the Northeast crazied.  Once they start, its a marathon to chase them all over the area.  I hope that its like last year where they actually hatched at different times on different rivers.  It seemend the hatch lasted for 6 weeks!
Hendrickson Nymph

My two little fishing buddies are already bugging me about going! 

In closing, 2015 is going to be a great fishing and guiding year, and I am looking forward to hatching bugs and feeding trout!

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